Our doula was an excellent educator and listener, as well as amazing support from the moment we met her. Her personal childbirth class sessions in our home were wonderfully thorough and helpful, and tailored perfectly to our level of understanding (my dad is an OBGYN and I’ve worked in the medical field). The birth plan she helped us create made sure that, although much did not happen as we expected, we knew what our options were every step of the way even in different circumstances and were prepared – not caught off guard because we hadn’t discussed the “what if’s”. 
When my water broke without having had a single contraction and we headed to the hospital, she stayed in touch and offered advice throughout the wee hours of the night. Once the Pitocin kicked in and I wanted more support, she was there very quickly and her presence was invaluable. She helped me through some wicked contractions, supported my decision to get an epidural, and was a great additional coach (with my enthusiastic but clueless and slightly squeamish hubby along side, haha) while I pushed. She stayed with us for the golden skin to skin hour after birth and help us initiate breastfeeding. And still managed to capture some amazing pics of the big moment.
I felt like I had an amazing advocate for our preferences in the room. And all of my doula’s suggestions (from bringing a yoga ball and having some lollipops on hand to the essential oil and cool washcloth she brought) were wonderful. 
I love how, even though we moved out of state not long after our little man was born, we’ve still stayed in touch. She’s so genuinely invested in all of her clients, it’s like making a new friend. 
If you’re even vaguely considering doula services, Coastal Doulas is absolutely amazing.

Melissa P.

I had 10 days of prodromal labor and Bonnie patiently encouraged me and kept me sane, until “real labor” hit and in less than three hours I went from “might be in labor” to holding my baby. She made it to the hospital AND was the one who realized the baby was coming and stayed cool when myself and my husband panicked because our doctor and nurse left the room (because everyone thought we had “plenty of time” – whoops!). A precipitous birth that could have been truly terrifying was pretty seamless and AMAZING with Bonnie by our side. She is gentle, patient, compassionate, knowledgable, and professional. I am so, so grateful we had her on our birth team.

Caley K.

Words cannot even begin to describe how amazing Bonnie is! My wife and I hired her kind of late in our pregnancy and weren’t sure what to expect. But she is by far the most caring, loving and amazing woman out there. She helped us so much during pregnancy but mostly during labor and delivery. After 24 hours of contractions and talking with Bonnie throughout those 24 hours we decided it was time for her to come over. She came over and stayed with us right by our side, helping mostly my wife through each contraction offering suggestions, position changes, essential oil‘s and other natural remedies to help ease the discomfort. She ended up staying with us for an additional 30 hours, even when we had to transfer last minute to the hospital. We are so grateful to Bonnie for everything that she did for us and continues to do.
I feel that her knowledge of pregnancy labor and delivery exceeded most professionals and even some midwives that we spoke too. She knows the inns and outs of hospitals and procedures and helped us out tremendously after we had to transfer and didn’t know anything about hospital procedures since we were planning a homebirth. I would hire Bonnie again in a heartbeat. Thank you again so much for everything you did for our new family!

Matt M.

Bonnie is the best doula ever!  I just recently gave birth-all natural, no drugs whatsoever to a 9lb 2 oz baby boy.  If it weren’t for her, there is no way I would have been able to do it.  She kept me focused the entire time.  My doctor, who is highly reputable asked for her card because of how wonderful she is.  She is the best!!!

Shannon D.

So grateful to have had Bonnie as my doula! Her support, knowledge and compassion throughout my pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience has been invaluable. With all the uncertainties that come with childbirth, having Bonnie as part of the process greatly reduced my anxiety and gave me confidence I didn’t know I had.

Alyssa M.

I was so excited to work with Costal Doulas knowing I wanted a natural birth and heard great reviews about them. Apparently my little guy had different plans for me when he decided to come at 32 weeks. I always imagined breast feeding would be the easy part, boy was I wrong. I don’t know what I would have done without Amber. I had an over supply after pumping non stop from him staying in the NICU, a fast let down and dealt with food sensitivities in my milk. I honestly thought about exclusively pumping until Amber gave me the motivation to not give up. She gave me great tips to regulate my supply and different positions to help with let down. She has also helped give me delicious recipes while eliminating things from my diet to see what helped my baby. Amber has been so supportive my entire breast feeding journey and continues to check in on me on a regular basis if I need anything. I can honestly say I now exclusively breastfeed my baby and I absolutely love it. Thank you Amber!

Ashley S.

Coastal Doulas came highly recommended to us.  When my wife decided she wanted a doula, we met with multiple people.  After meeting Bonnie, my wife was immediately convinced she was the one for her. Even though she was convinced, I have to admit, like many men I’m sure, I did not understand the value in this service. It was our first child and neither of us had been through this before so we had no idea what to expect. Even though I was not convinced, I agreed to go along with it to make my wife happy. Without any hesitation, I can say it was hands down one of the best decisions we made. Bonnie over-delivered in every sense of the word. Her personal touch, her caring nature, and her obvious passion for what she does makes her perfectly suited to guide you through this amazing experience. She takes the time to educate you without bias. She is tirelessly supportive and helps you create and stick to your birth plan, even when the lack of sleep and stress may attempt to deter you. Frankly, looking back, I don’t know how we would have done it without Bonnie. She was an absolute blessing and we are fortunate to have crossed paths with her. No words I can write will fully explain the gratitude I have for her help. We recommend her without any hesitation!

Justin R.

Bonnie & Anna were amazing every step of the way. I HIGHLY recommend the parent birth class Coastal Doulas provides! Anna was a source of knowledge, a force of encouragement, and so calming during my birth; worth every penny and more!

Rachael B.

As first time parents, my husband and I wanted to have someone with us that was not only supportive but also knowledgeable and that would help guide us in the laboring process and help us remain calm and relaxed.  We found Bonnie to be everything we expected and more!  She definitely was an indispensable member of our birth team and I would highly encourage anyone considering her services to go ahead and make the investment.  My husband I are certain that without her support and encouragement the natural unmedicated birth we desired would not have been realized. Bonnie was always available to us through the pregnancy and was very helpful answering questions and providing suggestions for anything from preparatory reading resources to local pediatricians.  She was always respectful (judgement-free) of what we envisioned and wanted for the birth of our daughter and was never pushy.  She also provides great postpartum follow up.  Bonnie knew just what to do and say when I was on the verge of getting lost in pain and panicking to bring me back into controlled focus.  My husband also followed her lead and between the two of them I had a constant unbroken chain of support and encouragement while laboring at the hospital regardless of the hospital’s employee shift changes.  Bonnie loves what she does and it really shows in the quality of the services she proves.

Mireya B.

Laverne has been great! We definitely have a rhythm going and she is definitely a baby pro! Thank you for your help in making this such a successful partnership.

Jodi D.

There aren’t enough words to express how kind, patient, sincere and knowledgeable Bonnie is. She is truly one of a kind and has such a natural gift. She was such a supportive and peaceful presence throughout our entire birthing experience. We had a couple bouts of false labor and she was there by our side and when labor truly did occur she didn’t miss a beat. She thought of everything we didn’t think of, captured moments for us we probably would have forgotten and even let us use her son’s name! She will always hold a very special place in our hearts.

Ashley Z.

Luisa was lovely!! So terrific and helpful with the baby. We had an eventful night and I am so glad she was there. Greatly appreciate all you did for us. Thank you!!

Tami C.

I honestly don’t think I could have survived my childbirth experience without Bonnie! I was in labor for three days and she was always calming me down and helping me with comfort measures to get through everything. The final day of labor she met me at the hospital and coached me through every single contraction and also helped my husband support me in every way he could. Her incredibly calming personality was more than I could have asked for in a doula and I will definitely be using her again for my next birth.

Amber N.

These women have been such a blessing in my life. Their knowledge, experience, and genuine care for moms is so visible in everything they do. Amy was so helpful to me transitioning from being a mommy of one to two. I appreciate her wisdom when I lack confidence. Bonnie is a wealth of knowledge and she’s reassuring and encouraging whenever I have questions. I always feel supported and loved when I’m around these ladies. If you’ve ever thought about hiring a doula, Coastal Doulas won’t let you down!

Elizabeth R.

Although my pregnancy and initial postpartum journey wasn’t all I envisioned, I can confidently say after my time with Coastal Doulas I was able to enjoy my journey as a mother. I will be forever grateful for all they did in postpartum care for my family and I.

First Time Mom

We learned so much in the All Things Baby Class! It created really great conversations between my husband and I for the future, and helped us with ideas on what to do for our daughter. It was SO worth it! It had a lot of information for both parent-to-be and parents with newborns. I would recommend it to all of my family and friends!

Cathy K.

We are so grateful to have found Coastal Doulas. Everything from the childbirth classes with Bonnie to the breastfeeding class with Amber made this first time mom feel comfortable and confident with my pregnancy and delivery. We could not have done the labor with Anna. She was so amazing and giving during my labor, she was constantly focused on my comfort and always encouraging me along the way. Labor is stressful and confusing and doesn’t go according to your plan, but thankfully Anna was there and made it simple and relaxing.

Devon B.