Preferred Partners

Dr. Katie Usher is a pelvic floor physical therapist specializing in the pregnant and postpartum population. She graduated from University of Florida in 2011 with her Bachelor’s in Health Education and Behavior and from University of Miami in 2015 with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Dr. Usher’s passion for women’s health grew as she worked in hospital based outpatient systems and found how underserved women are at this time in their lives in terms of rehabilitation. This passion drove her to start Mula Bandha PT and Wellness in 2017. Pelvic floor physical therapy is standard practice in many parts of Europe, and her mission is to help create that standardization in the United States as well.  

 Dr. Usher sees patients both in her Jupiter office as well as in the comfort and privacy of her patient’s own home.  Visit her website to learn more. Contact Dr. Usher at 561-282-8836 or  Find her also on FB and Instagram, too!