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Peacefully Birthed

Guest Post from Michelle B.

I was always skeptical of those women you see in the birth videos that say that they had an orgasmic birth or a pain free birth. I had a very difficult first birth, but I didn’t hate women who had an easy birth! I wanted to find out what I could do to improve the experience…I decided that I would not let my difficult first birth experience dictate my next birth. I set out on a journey to empower and educate myself on how I could have a calm, focused birth with our second.

I contacted my doula to ask her advice on how to approach birth in a new way. She mentioned hypnobirth classes would be an excellent option for me.  I looked up the benefits of hypnobirth and decided to enroll in classes after seeing all of these amazing benefits.

I truly enjoyed the Hypnobirth classes, as they gave me time to relax, and connect with my baby. After the 5 week course concluded, I CONTINUED daily to do the relaxation exercises on the Rainbow Relaxation CD and my confidence built that a beautiful birth was within grasp. Hypnobirth allowed me to release any fear I had. The Marie Mongan Hypnobirth Method visualization exercises taught me to fully relax and embrace the birth process.

I worked out at the gym around 10:30 pm then at 2:30 am I felt the strong waves (contractions) signaling my baby girl was making her way into the world. At 3:30 am I went to the kitchen to make my toddler’s lunch and lay out her school stuff. By 4:30 am I needed to head back to my bed room to relax and get in the zone to manage my contractions. It was intense, but by using the positions I had learned in class, and the relaxation exercises I had practiced daily, I was able to get focus on the pressure and NOT the pain. Thanks to my preparation I felt in control. By 6:00 am the baby’s head was out and I was calmly instructing my husband to get ready to catch. At 6:17 am our beautiful baby girl made her way into the world peacefully, calmly, easily without drugs or intervention. Best moment of my life, laying in my bed, in the dark, cuddling my new baby girl.
I had a hard first birth, and I did not use Hypnobirth.  I had a beautiful, peaceful second birth thanks to Hypnobirth, staying in much better physical shape and chiropractic adjustments.  Hypnobirth can be effective for women to relax and embrace the bringing a child into the world. It enables you to have a peaceful state of mind throughout labor and deliver WHEREVER AND HOWEVER YOU CHOOSE TO DELIVER YOUR SWEET BABY.

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