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Birth Matters – Baby Emily’s Birth Story

This is the story of my second little miracle. I have been blessed with 2 very different birth stories, my first being a very difficult conception, followed by an easy pregnancy and c-section birth. It was wonderful because I got my first baby girl and became a mom. My second baby was completely different, she was shockingly easy conception that we weren’t expecting. We thought we would have to return to the doctors for help conceiving again. Having had a c-section the first time, I wanted to seek out the possibility of having a v-bac. My doctor told me that surgically I would be cleared to have one, but that I wasn’t personally going to be able to handle it. Needless to say, we decided to find another provider to help us have the birth we were hoping for. We went with a homebirth and a midwife. My pregnancy was beautiful, but of course I was fearful about labor and having a homebirth. We elected to work with a doula, which was the best decision I’ve ever made.

Emily’s journey into the world was a long one. It was not a bad one or traumatic, but long. It began late at night on a Friday after my oldest went to bed. I was so excited because she was so overdue…at least that is how it felt.

(11 days after due date) I called my midwife who instructed to me to time the contractions and call her back when they were about 3 minutes a part for an hour. I was too excited to sleep, so I stayed up most of the night timing my contractions, which didn’t quite make the mark to call my midwife back. I did call my doula at like 3 in the morning though and she came over and talked me through some contractions, relaxed the mood in the room with oil diffusers and salt lamps and nice music. She tucked me in and then slept close by on my couch.

The morning came and I did my best to get through the day working through the contractions and living normal life. My husband played with our daughter, while I labored with my doula. By the evening, we hadn’t hit the big work yet so we called the midwives who instructed me to to really try and get some sleep. Once again my doula tucked me in and told me to call her when it was time to work.

I slept, I was excited to sleep! I was able to rest for maybe an hour when the contractions began to get alot stronger. I rested through them as long as I could and then called my doula to come back. She came back and helped me work through the harder contractions in the bath tub, in the shower, on the ball, in so many different positions. She reminded me to breathe and to stay focused through each one. With her words and my husband’s arms I got through them.

Around 3:00 in the morning my midwife came. She checked me and I was 8 centimeters. I was starting to struggle here because I was so so tired. I knew I was getting close because I started feeling like I couldn’t do it anymore. After a couple hours, she checked me again and this time I was 10 centimeters and my water broke. I was told I could listen to my body and start pushing if I wanted to. I wanted to!

We all headed into my bathroom and I pushed in a squat with my husband holding me up. It was the coolest feeling in my life. Feeling my little baby pass out of me, it was surreal! Before I knew it, she was in my midwife’s arms.

She was here, after 59 hours of labor. It was incredible!

I was so happy to have chosen to have a vbac and to have all of the wonderful people around me to bring my second little girl into the world. They handed her to me and I loved being able to snuggle her while her cord stopped pulsing and it meant alot to my husband to be able to cut the cord as it wasn’t something he had been able to do before. I don’t really remember pushing out the afterbirth. It was all just such a wonderful relief. We were now a happy family of 4.