About Us

Bonnie Kelly – Founder, Owner

Certified Birth Doula, Childbirth Educator & Placenta Specialist

Bonnie’s passion for pregnancy, babies, & motherhood began developing at a very early age, but it wasn’t until after the birth of her own children that she began pursuing birth work full time and founded Coastal Doulas, LLC..  She combines passion and care with knowledge and experience to provide the families she serves with exceptional support.  As a doula, Bonnie holds dual certifications and has attended trainings with VBAC Facts & Spinning Babies to further the education and expertise she has to share with her clients.  She additionally is a trained Placenta Specialist and a certified childbirth educator through Your Birth Experience.  Bonnie’s goal is to provide the dedication and care needed to support you in having a positive and fulfilling birth experience.  Whether planning a hospital or homebirth, preparing for an all-natural birth, possible induction, or a scheduled cesarean; Bonnie is there to provide continual and nonjudgmental support from start to finish.  Born a Florida native, Bonnie, her husband, Kevin, and their 2 children have made Palm Beach County their home for the past 18 years.  She loves a good cup of coffee, spending time with her family and friends, beach days and fun local dining.

Ashley Sauer

Certified Birth Doula, Mental Health Counselor & Gottman BBH Educator

Ashley’s love of education and desire to help others began as a childhood dream that motivated her to become a mental health counselor. With her background and training, she is equipped to support a mother and her partner in a variety of roles, such as a birth and postpartum doula, mental health counselor, and a Gottman Bringing Baby Home Educator. Ashley acknowledges that every family will have unique needs as each birth, relationship and transition to parenthood is different. She provides non-judgmental support, empowerment, and education in every role she joins a family. With each new family she serves, she is continually reminded of how beautiful and joyous each chapter of parenthood truly is, even if there are a few challenges along the way. She’s is a mother to a beautiful daughter and three fur babies as well as a blessed wife to a caring and supportive husband. She is a true Floridian who enjoys the warm weather, live music, guacamole, and loves spending time with her family and friends.

Allee Mackey

Birth Doula

Allee is a wife and mother of two little ones. Her strong passion for all things motherhood blossomed years ago as she began her own journey as a parent. Allee quickly realized it truly does take a village as she found support in the most unexpected places and pursed birth work by training with DONA. Allee’s mission is to come alongside expecting and new mothers here in South Florida. She believes motherhood looks different for every woman and she is here to bring personalized support, guidance and education through the personal relationship she builds with each of her clients. It is most important to Allee that families feel supported and respected in their choices; however they choose to birth. Birth is not only about making babies, but making strong, confident mothers as well.

Amy Bender

Certified Birth & Postpartum Doula and Placenta Specialist

After each of her births, Amy realized that not a single one was the same; from pregnancy all the way through the postpartum period and beyond.  Through birthing and parenting her own children, Amy discovered she had a heart for helping other women through their journey as well. While it may have been years before she officially completed her certifications as both a Birth & Postpartum Doula; Amy found herself naturally providing support and care to other moms and friends as they navigated their way through motherhood.  She knows with confidence that she is wired to be a doula because of the natural passion and enthusiasm that’s found within her.  With her attention to detail and reassuring personality, Amy is prepared to support you as your family grows and welcomes in a new little life.  Amy is a blessed wife to her highschool sweetheart and the mom of 5 beautiful children.  On a day off, Amy can be found working out at the gym, leading in women’s ministries at her church, or laughing and spending time together as a family.

Amber Nagele

Lactation Counselor, Feeding Therapist, & Speech-Language Pathologist

Amber’s strong passion for helping little ones is what influenced her to pursue a career as a Pediatric Speech Language Pathologist. She has spent the past 10 years working in the public schools, local hospitals, private clinics, and currently in children’s natural environment. Following the birth of her son, she felt a strong calling to pursue becoming a certified Lactation Counselor to help moms and babies meet their own personal breastfeeding goals. Amber’s goal is to help moms whose goal is to breastfeed their babies to have the best possible experience they can by overcoming common obstacles many moms face in the early weeks postpartum. She also desires to educate moms during pregnancy and leads our monthly breastfeeding support group. In Amber’s free time, you can find her spending lots of time with her husband & 2 sons, making non toxic personal care/cleaning products, or enjoying local restaurants with family and friends.

Andrea Engler

Certified Baby & Toddler Sleep Consultant

Andrea is a mom, Registered Nurse, and Certified Infant and Toddler Sleep Consultant. As a young medical professional, she thought she was going to pursue her career further in post-graduate nursing, but after the birth of her first daughter in 2016, she felt a strong calling for other women, particularly moms. It was through the community of Coastal Doula’s New Mom Group, and the support of a sleep consultant, that her life changed and she was able to move forward with her calling. Her passion is to empower moms, share confidence, and comfort, that they can get the sleep they need.  Andrea enjoys freshly roasted coffee, finding new places to eat, traveling, and together with her two daughters, she calls home wherever God leads them.

Diana Huertas

Baby Nurse, Night Nanny, & Registered Nurse

Diana has been a Registered Nurse working in the world of Labor & Delivery and Postpartum for over 5 years. She quickly realized that her true passion lies in helping parents adjust to the amazing new life that a baby brings. Diana loves empowering families and providing them with the love and support necessary to be able to enjoy their precious new baby. She did most of her education and work in Maryland, however, when her sister had her first baby, Diana knew she needed to be back in Florida to enjoy being an auntie. On her days not working as a postpartum nurse, she can usually be found spending quality time with her husband, sister and nephew.

Luisa Brown

Baby Nurse, Night Nanny, & Registered Nurse

Luisa’s love for babies and children has always motivated her to work in a field that would allow her to do what she loves while providing for her family. Luisa obtained an Associate’s degree in Early Childhood Education; and worked as a preschool teacher following high school. She then became a Registered nurse; and dove right into the postpartum world, caring for families as they welcomed their babes into this world. Although Luisa has a passion for children of all ages, the newborn stage is where she feels most called. She has spent the last three years in the hospital setting, caring for mommies and babies overnight immediately following their birth. It has been an amazing opportunity for her to witness families growing; and a joy for her to be a part of one the happiest moments of their lives. Luisa resides in West Palm Beach; and is a mother to a beautiful little boy. On her days off, you will likely find her on the beach, at the pool, or exploring the outdoors with her son.

Lindsay Cellona

Baby Nurse, Night Nanny, & Registered Nurse

Lindsay understands the importance of families receiving the care, rest and support they need after bringing their babies home. She is experienced and knowledgeable in supporting families throughout the postpartum period and is confident in caring for both singletons and twins. Lindsay additionally is a registered postpartum baby nurse at Jupiter Medical Center. She’s is a twin and a proud Celine Dion fan. On Lindsay’s days off, you will likely find her at the beach or enjoying tacos.

Jodi Falconer

Certified Newborn Care Specialist & Postpartum Doula

Being a Newborn Care Specialist gives Jodi the opportunity to help new and returning parents transition back into ‘their’ new normal.  Jodi has 10+ years experience working with infants and families.  She is highly knowledgeable with sleep training, multiples, preemies, postpartum recovery, lactation, sleep training, & all aspects of newborn care.  Jodi understands how precious these first few days, weeks and months are, and knows how not being able enjoy each moment is very possible due to lack of sleep and other delicate factors. Jodi truly loves being given the incredible opportunity of assisting in this process with new families.  Jodi believes educating parents on the necessary practices to care for their newborn and feel comfortable is also an important aspect of her job.

Shekerr Graham

Certified Newborn Care Specialist

Shekerr initially discovered her passion for newborn care (17) years ago when she worked as a nanny at a lucrative resort chain in Jamaica, as a young teen. For her, there is no greater feeling than witnessing a family welcome home a new baby. Shekerr has a profound knowledge of newborn & infant care, and has dedicated the past 10 + years expanding her education and experience. As a Newborn Care Specialist, Shekerr has experience working with singletons, multiples, & preemies. She is additionally available for 24/7 Live In care and to travel with families both domestically and internationally. Shekerr is committed to helping you implement your parenting style and will work alongside you to ensure your principles and philosophies are carried out. Apart from loving and caring for newborns, Shekerr love listening to music, attending concerts and traveling.

Sonia Bond

Postpartum Doula & Night Nanny

Sonia Bond is a mother to four beautiful children, ages 8-19. She has over 10 years of experience as a doula. In 2014 after completing her DONA training, Sonia decided to make doula work her full time passion and career. Preciously, Sonia was an office administrator for a large Midwifery practice and their full time lead birth assistant. She has been a part of the birthing community since 2003 and has a large resource of pregnancy, breastfeeding & parenting resources at her fingertips. She is additionally a Childbirth Education and Breastfeeding Counselor. Sonia is certified in Neonatal Resuscitation (NRP), Adult CPR (BLS), and First Aid.

Simone Graham-Murray

Certified Newborn Care Specialist

As a mother of two children, Simone know first hand how important it is for both baby and mom to have an extra pair of hands to help with the seemingly overwhelming job of newborn care.  For Simone, it is an honor to be able to work alongside a family, so that they can quickly and smoothly make the adjustments to the new routines and responsibilities a new baby(ies) brings.  Her background and experience is what initially inspired Simone’s passion to work in this field caring for newborns, after having worked over a decade in the social services and Child Welfare field within the Department of Children and Families in Florida.  Simone has extensive experience working with families and newborns.  She is experienced with sleep training, multiples, preemies, sleep training, and all aspects of newborn care. Simone also loves being a part of guiding and instructing new parents to feel confident in caring for their babies. Simone is passionate about helping parents on their journey into parenthood and is committed to helping make life easier for you. 

Dawn Bond

Postpartum Doula & Night Nanny

Dawn began her career as a doula 17 years ago, with her daughter as her first client. Through that experience came a deeply compassionate journey to serve & support women during their birth and postpartum journey. She completed her advanced doula training in 2002. Dawn is a Childbirth Educator and additionally received her certification as a Breastfeeding Counselor in 2014. She is CPR & First Aid certified. Dawn is experienced and knowledge with sleep training and works alongside our Certified Sleep Consultant, Andrea to provide our postpartum clients with the highly level of overnight care. Dawn is also a Certified Behavior Assistant and works with children who fall within the Autism Spectrum. Dawn loves being a mother and grammy, adores all children, and cherishes the magic and beauty of childbirth.

Nicole Goode

Pregnancy, Birth, & Newborn Photographer

Having a child myself has really made me realize that these precious moments pass by so fast. Yes we have high tech camera phones to capture these moments, but getting Maternity & Newborn photos done was an investment I do not regret & will cherish the rest of my life. It helped freeze time & bring back those memories on how tiny he was in my arms or how adorable my bump really was when I was so ready to not be pregnant anymore. I cannot help but smile when I look at those photos. After falling in love with photographing my son, I realized this is what I wanted to do for a living. I took an opportunity of a lifetime & took a job with an amazing local photographer as an associate for the next year. With all of her mentorship that I will forever be grateful for I found my true calling on what I was really passionate photographing. I gained my wings & was ready to be on my own. I told myself I want to be go to gal for Maternity, Birth, Fresh 48, Newborn photography. So here I am, living my dream & creating memories for families they will forever have.

Dr. Katie Usher

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist

Dr. Usher is a pelvic floor physical therapist specializing in the pregnant and postpartum population. She graduated from University of Florida in 2011 with her Bachelor’s in Health Education and Behavior and from University of Miami in 2015 with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Dr. Usher’s passion for women’s health grew as she worked in hospital based outpatient systems and found how underserved women are at this time in their lives in terms of rehabilitation. This passion drove her to start Mula Bandha PT and Wellness in 2017. Pelvic floor physical therapy is standard practice in many parts of Europe, and her mission is to help create that standardization in the United States as well. Dr. Usher lives in Jupiter Florida, where she works closely with her husband’s gym – Kaizen Fitness Systems. She has a 1 year old daughter and loves teaching on all things health and wellness. 

Anna Hopple

Birth & Postpartum Doula

Anna is currently ONLY taking birth and postpartum clients in Northern/Central Georgia at this time not South Florida. Anna’s gentle but yet confident demeanor brings such a reassuring presence both in the birth room and with the families she works with postpartum. Over the years of being a doula, Anna has supported a wide variety of births and loves the specialness of each and every one. Supporting families as they transition and grow as parents is very important to her. Prior to pursing doula work, Anna was a sleep consultant and she’s found this experience and knowledge to be extremely helpful specifically with the postpartum families she works with. Anna and her husband together have three children that she homeschools. In her free time, you can find Anna outside with her family, enjoying a girls night out with friends, or sipping a cup of hot coffee on her back porch.